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Das Auto – Volkswagon Das Cheats the EPA

By jdrory On October 6, 2015 · Leave a Comment

Since the Volkswagen (“VW”) scandal surfaced, the company’s stock has plummeted, trading down over 40% from its earlier 52-week high.  The world’s largest automaker is in serious trouble after the group was found to have cheated the United States pollution testing on over 500,000 diesel vehicles. Instead of using technology for good, this is [...]

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On September 14, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals issued its opinion in what has become known as the “dancing baby” case.  The Ninth Circuit’s ruling, which marked a victory for proponents of fair use but did not go as far as some of those proponents would have liked, requires copyright owners to consider [...]

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The 67th Primetime Emmy Awards had social media abuzz with talk of Viola Davis’s historic win and moving acceptance speech, HBO’s clear and undeniable dominance of the top categories, and Jon Hamm’s long overdue gold statuette for his role in the critically acclaimed drama Mad Men. It can be argued however that no single moment [...]

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If you are a casual sports fan and watch TV then more likely than not you have been bombarded by daily fantasy sport commercials. Fanduel and DraftKings, the two leading daily fantasy websites, have employed an impressive marketing push. This push is demonstrated in the seemingly endless non-stop overload of commercials advertising the fact that [...]

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Tweet Trimming

By Robyn Taylor On September 30, 2015 · Leave a Comment

What does the number 140 mean to you? It may mean nothing, or, for all you Twitter followers, it may be the annoying limit that forces you to truncate tweets. One way Twitter has helped facilitate this 140 character count is by using Twitter link shorteners. These shorteners reduce the length of posted links. [...]

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Why the FAA failed to meet its deadline

By Benjamin Chernow On September 29, 2015 · 1 Comment

The FAA is not going to meet its deadline of September 30 for introducing legislation regarding commercial drone usage. This is particularly disappointing in light of the ongoing rapid adoption of drones, which has both shown a multitude of unexpected benefits as well as highlighted the need for regulation. But the silver lining, considering [...]

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For America’s political junkies, we are nearing the most wonderful time of the year: election season. Most amateur politicos are gleefully watching (in record numbers) Donald Trump and the rest of the Republican field, and debating the merits of Bernie Sanders’s economic platform. But as the campaign shifts away from the opinions of pundits [...]

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In February of this year, Smartflash LLC was awarded over $530 million in a judgment against Apple for willful patent infringement. The judge voided the award in July based on confusion surrounding his jury instructions which may have led to the jury miscalculate royalties. But this raises a bigger issue: in a world where new [...]

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