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Recently, a FaceTime bug was discovered on Apple’s iPhone. The bug allowed people to hear the audio of the person they were calling before they picked up. The problem occurred when users of iPhones running version 12.1 of Apple’s iOS operating system used the group calling function of FaceTime. It was also found to [...]

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In 2019, very few doubt that Amazon or Facebook have much to offer us. Yet these companies face increasing criticism for failure to be better corporate citizens, to take more responsibility for the impact that they have on American life. Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos are our Rockefeller and Carnegie, with the same polarizing effect:  Continue Reading

The first piece of AI-generated art sold at auction for $432,500 in 2018. The art collective responsible for the piece, titled “Portrait of Edmond Belamy,” originally marketed it as “created by artificial intelligence,” although it later walked that back and regretted giving “all the credit to the machine.”

The collective, Obvious, signed the [...]

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World’s Largest Advertising Agency Alleged to Engage in Unlawful Discrimination

By anbakalar On February 12, 2019 · Updated February 12, 2019 · Leave a Comment

Enacted in 1968, the Fair Housing Act (“FHA”) has been around for more than half a century. The landmark civil rights act prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, familial status, or national origin in the housing market. Furthermore, the FHA contains a broad prohibition on the publication of discriminatory housing [...]

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USA Gymnastics has been in hot water for the past two years, starting with the revelation that longtime team doctor Larry Nassar had been abusing young female athletes for decades. In November 2017, Nassar pled guilty to seven counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct. While Nassar has since been sentenced, the scandal revealed serious [...]

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These days, it seems like the media is constantly publishing stories about the imminent arrival of self-driving vehicles and their exciting benefits to motor vehicle safety, urban planning, and productivity. A study by two UK professors published just this month predicts that driverless vehicles will even be used as cheap mobile [...]

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Jenkins’ Potential for Free Agency in the Shadow of O’Bannon

By brvincent On February 12, 2019 · Updated February 12, 2019 · Leave a Comment

Approximately a decade ago, a United States District Court in California heard O’Bannon. The case was brought by Ed O’Bannon—a former student-athlete at UCLA—on behalf of all collegiate athletes, and it challenged the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) restrictions on benefits student athletes were permitted to receive. O’Bannon’s argument was that the NCAA member universities were [...]

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The Sharent Trap

By jcsmith On November 13, 2018 · Leave a Comment

Photos of children and grandchildren used to be reserved exclusively for mantles and wallets. Family and friends would go years without seeing those distant to them, and the phrase “you were THIS big when I last saw you,” followed by a squeeze of the cheeks was a rite of passage at each family reunion. Gone [...]

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