Welcome to JETLawBlog, the official blog of the Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law! JETLawBlog is committed to reaching a wide audience by providing a forum for dialogue between scholars, students, and practitioners on all legal matters pertaining to the fields of entertainment and technology. JETLawBlog hopes to dispel the myth that lawyers spend all their time working with tedious and mind numbing material. In fact, much of what lawyers do has direct implications for our everyday lives. For instance, there are lawyers behind every sports contract deal, every celebrity arrest, and the patented inventions that we use daily.

There are already a number of blogs that address specific legal issues related to either entertainment or technology, including Patently O and Sports Law Blog, and while these blogs are certainly valuable, they are not a one-stop shop for all your related legal interests. JETLawBlog will serve as the premier blog where you can find material on all things legal relating to both entertainment and technology. We look forward to receiving your comments and to becoming your new information source for the intersection of entertainment, technology, and the law!

— Sara Beth Myers, Editor in Chief, Vanderbilt Journal of Entertainment and Technology Law

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