Most people have to hire a private investigator if they want photo evidence of their spouse cheating.  Not so for Rosetta Millington.  Ms. Millington has been married to actor Balthazar Getty since May 2000.  The couple has four children, the youngest of whom is 9 months old.  Not only was Ms. Millington’s evidence of her husband’s affair free, it was extremely public.  Paparazzi photos of Mr. Getty frolicking with a nude Sienna Miller were published this month by a British newspaper.  Ms. Miller isn’t happy and she’s suing the newspaper for publishing the photos, claiming breach of privacy.

Likewise, Brad Pitt is reportedly threatening to sue some paparazzi over photos taken of him, Angelina Jolie, and their children while the children played in the backyard.  Mr. Pitt’s attorneys assert that the paparazzi violated the family’s “reasonable” expectation of privacy by employing high-tech lenses to snap the shots.

But, just what exactly is reasonable when you’re a couple reportedly shopping their newborns’ photos around to see which tabloid is the highest bidder?  The price is said to be somewhere around $15 million.  Does your backyard become a “no-picture” zone?  Even when your children are part of the reason you’re in the public eye?  Asking a judge to discern what is a reasonable expectation of privacy and what isn’t, sounds like asking the judge to decide the nature of modern-day celebrity. 

The offending photos of the Jolie-Pitts are published in the most recent issue of InTouch Weekly.

Blair Lazarus

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