Legal matchmaking services such as and are about to face some tough new competition., expected to launch in September, is promising a service that is “focused on the user experience” and not on the needs of attorneys. Unlike most legal matchmaking services, will not require that individuals divulge confidential details about their potential lawsuits or give their contact information and wait for an attorney to call them. Instead, the website claims that it will provide users with immediate answers without inadvertently jeopardizing their attorney-client privilege. Also unique about is that it will allow attorneys to bid on real-time advertising placements. The user will then be able to review attorney profiles and contact attorneys at their own leisure. The website is now offering free registration to the first 500 registering attorneys who meet its criteria.

Legal matchmaking services such as bring up many of the classical arguments regarding attorney advertising in general. First and foremost, critics are concerned that these websites encourage, if not create, frivolous lawsuits. Proponents, on the other hand, believe that these websites inform people of their rights. But websites such as are different from classic attorney advertising in one important way: they allow the user to initiate attorney contact. The concern that attorneys will overreach and infringe on the public’s privacy is not as prevalent here as it is when attorneys are mailing unsolicited advertisements or appearing on the public’s television screens. For this reason, perhaps legal matchmaking services such as should be encouraged.

– Carrie Frondorf

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