Mel Gibson just cannot seem to keep himself out of the news. It was only recently that the media publicized his very messy, and very expensive, divorce from his long-time wife, Robyn. Robyn, whose settlement package could total nearly $500 million thanks to California community property laws, will continue to battle her husband about the exact amount owed to her; but it is certain that her piece of the pie will be larger than that of other well-known ex-wives such as Juanita Jordan (who was married to NBA star Michael Jordan), or Amy Irving (who was married to Steven Spielberg). Mel, however, only has more troubles to add to his plate.

The actor, famous–or infamous–for his anti-Semitic rant to a police officer back in 2006 has struck again, this time at church. His rampage admonishing the parishioners at the Holy Family Chapel in California a week ago for their evil gossiping about his personal life was well-documented in the media, but he has just added more fuel to the fire. Mel has now reportedly demanded that his mistress, Oksana Grigorieva, who he announced at the end of May was pregnant with his child, take a paternity test to prove that the unborn child is indeed his.

It is thought that Mel and Robyn’s children have been the ones to force the issue, as there is some concern that Oksana may be looking to get her hands on the approximately $500 million that will belong to Mel after his divorce is final. His children undoubtedly do not wish to see their inheritance shrink, and Mel has evidently agreed to the DNA test “for his family.” The test, however, reportedly will not take place until after the baby is born. If the child turns out not to be his, that will save Mel a ton in child support payments and secure (for now) his childrens’ fortunes.

But what about all of the public appearances he made with Oksana following the announcement of his divorce? Will Mel support Oksana and the baby even if neither stand to inherit from him? Mel once referred to himself as “Octo-Mel” after Oksana’s pregnancy was announced. Perhaps he, too, is destined for a reality television show.

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