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— Former Tennesee Titans quarterback Steve McNair and a female friend were found shot to death in a Nashville condominum.

— More legal troubles for Nike: On the heels of a copyright infringement lawsuit brought by Eddie Van Halen, SportsFuzion files against Nike and the Basketball Hall of Fame for breach of contract, tortious interference with contract, and fraud, over the upcoming Air Jordan Hall of Fame line. 

— Denver Nuggets guard J.R. Smith gets sentenced to 30 days in jail for 2007 reckless driving charge that killed good friend.

— Super-agent Scott Boras is at odds with the baseball draft again, this time through his representation of pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg.

— Michael Jackson’s ex-wife, Debbie Rowe, and mother to two of his three children, is not planning to be passive during custody dispute.

— A financial outlook on the Twitter fraud problem.

— Facebook security (and mental) lapse exposes identity of new head of Britain’s secret intelligence agency, MI6.

Lori Drew acquittal for cyber-bullying is important in defining scope of Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

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