Dell has created and launched a package of software designed to help police catch and convict criminals by preserving, organizing, and analyzing digital evidence. The software enables users to create and manage their own datacenters–repositories of evidence and information on criminal suspects.

One advantage this type of data management provides to law enforcement specialists is the ability to access and use evidence from other datacenters around the world in a timely and efficient manner. Law enforcement officers “can gain a crucial time advantage, for example when legally constrained as to how long they could hold terrorism suspects without evidence.” Additionally, the service will allow more than one analyst to work on the evidence at a time, thereby “reduc[ing] backlogs that can be as long as two years. . . .”

Furthermore, it seems that Dell’s new software will increase speed and efficiency without sacrificing the principles of digital evidence management recommended by the U.S. Department of Justice:

Actions taken to secure and collect digital evidence should not affect the integrity of that evidence. Persons conducting an examination of digital evidence should be trained for that purpose. Activity relating to the seizure, examination, storage, or transfer of digital evidence should be documented, preserved, and available for review.

The software was produced for Dell’s public sector customer group. Dell will present the software to Britain’s Association of Chief Police Officers. Dett’s service can be found here.

Brent Baxley

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