In the news . . .

Former Miss California, Carrie Prejean, signs book deal highlighting legal and political tribulations.

Another sports star (and boxer no less) falls victim to senseless murder.

Google debuts Latitude, allowing you to share your location with whomever you want.

O’Bannon v. NCAA and licensing and royalty fees for former student-athletes.

Suspended NASCAR driver/owner Jeremy Mayfield sells race team to pay for legal defense of methamphetamine charge.

Scientists worried about robot revolution? Don’t be too concerned about an I, Robot situation just yet.

Airlines in Ireland and China consider asking for regulatory changes to allow standing-room only tickets.

Apple and record labels are reportedly working to create a new interactive digital album.

Michael Vick’s journey back to the NFL could involve a lawsuit against the league and Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Professional sports leagues and NCAA sues Delaware in district court to halt betting plans.

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