248254987_242a32b74fI would not like to be standing in songwriter Ryan Tedder’s shoes right now. His hipster slip-ons are caught in the middle of a controversy between two of the music industry’s biggest divas.

You may have heard about Kelly Clarkson’s recent accusations that  Tedder used the same melody for Beyonce’s hit, “Halo,” that he had used earlier in Clarkson’s song, “Already Gone.” Even though “Already Gone” was recorded before “Halo,” “Halo” hit the radios and the top of the pop charts first. I’ll admit that the first time I heard the intro to Clarkson’s song, I caught myself singing the words to “Halo” in my most Beyonce-esque tone. The songs do sound a lot alike.

Tedder has denied all of Clarkson’s allegations, calling them “hurtful and absurd.” However, this isn’t Tedder’s first brush with copyright infringement. He also wrote “Battlefield” for Jordin Sparks–a sultry tune that asks why love is so much like a battlefield. I’m sure Pat Benetar would prefer to ask why your song is so much like mine? Can the similarity between all of these songs be called fair use or is it just plain infringement?

Spencer Compton

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