In the news . . .

Heidi Klum leaves jewelry making business after lawsuit filed by Van Cleef & Arpels.

Ralph Lauren faces lawsuit from Lifeguard Licensing Corp. over “Lifeguard” tee-shirt line.

Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino admits to affair with extortionist and payment of $3,000 for abortion.

NFL wide receiver Donte Stallworth receives 30 days in jail and one year suspension without pay from league for DUI manslaughter. Meanwhile, Philadelphia Eagles give second chance to former quarterback Michael Vick.

Unbalanced basketball player Stephon Marbury smokes marijuana . . . and flaunts it on his livestream.

A new fair use decision dealing with reproducing art produced for others in the artist’s retrospective.

Major labels consider creating their own proprietary music file format.

Patent infringement causes judge to order Microsoft to stop selling Word.

New service creates a work-around to PACER printing fees. And there’s no guilt–the documents are public domain, after all.

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