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Comcast’s win in district court regarding 1993 FCC rule allows it to pursue more than 30% of cable market.

Musician John Mayer must dish out $25,000 to charity selected by TMZ for losing bet over not-so-secret mug shot.

Michael Jackson’s death officially ruled a homicide by coroner, but some aren’t so sure.

Ninth Circuit rules that BALCO list of alleged steroid users was obtained in violation of the Fourth Amendment, but ruling may conflict with looming revision to Rule 41 of the F.R.C.P.

Apple decides to allow users to stream music through Spotify app even though service may compete with iTunes.

With NFL season quickly approaching, Third Circuit panel reverses district court over Delaware’s gambling plans.

As sales of the device drop, TiVo hopes to win patent case against DVR producers and secure licensing fees from competitors.

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