3911225882_5968772d1aOn August 26, Zachory Loring went to The Hills star Audrina Patridge’s house with photos, cards, drawings, and poems that he had written.  Some of the cards were dated September 15, causing Patridge to be concerned that he was planning on injuring or harming her in some way on that day.  Additionally, he attempted to give the reality tv star homemade beer and a drawing of a woman being strangled.  Over the next four days, he repeatedly returned to her home, staying on her property for up to seven hours at a time.  Last Thursday, Patridge and her brother, Mark, filed a restraining order against Loring.  They were granted a temporary order that barred Loring, a native of Petaluma, California, from coming within 100 yards of either of them.  A hearing for a long-term order has been set for September 30.  In the interim, Patridge has chosen to travel outside of Los Angeles County “due to her fear for her personal and physical safety.”

Yesterday, however, Loring was arrested on separate charges.  The 24-year-old had two outstanding warrants for vandalism and disturbing the peace.  Although a Sonoma Police spokesman stated that, “It’s pretty much a simple warrant arrest,” Loring is being held without bail until his hearing on Friday.  Even though these charges are unrelated to Patridge’s complaint, she may be resting easier while Loring is behind bars.

Kate Thornton

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