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Ukrainian law prohibiting unmarried couples from adopting children bars Elton John and longtime partner David Furnish from adopting 14-month-old, HIV-stricken child.

PCs and iPhones with text-to-speech applications for speech-impaired denied coverage by Medicare and private health insurers due to other non-medical uses.

Delaware appeals for en banc hearing after three-judge panel from Third Circuit reverses district court on sports betting law.

Native American group petitions Supreme Court to resolve whether Washington Redskins is defamatory.

Music publishers seeking to acquire more money from iTunes resulting from downloads of movies and TV shows as well as 30-second song samples.

Facebook says goodbye to Beacon advertising system as part of settlement of class-action lawsuit.

American Needle, Inc. appeals to Supreme Court over NFL’s exclusive licensing agreement with Reebok.

Another Second Life lawsuit–virtual sex toy maker Eros LLC files class-action lawsuit against creators for enabling virtual counterfeiting of products.

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