In the news . . .

CBS receiving criticism for lack of homosexual characters on scripted shows. And in the late-night realm, David Letterman sex-scandal/extortion plot getting even more attention.

The verdict is in: Americans don’t like being tracked online.

Federal employees barred from TWD, or texting while driving.

Contrary to statements by Michael Vick’s agent, he and Nike no longer have a sponsorship deal.

Up-and-comer in country music alleges that Carrie Underwood’s song sounds strikingly similar. But any chance the “original” track sounds a bit like “Call Me” by Blondie?

Ebay removes 10-year-old’s listing for “rare and annoying” grandmother.

IRS places tax lien of $257,345 on estate of R&B singer Brian McKnight.

Google takes Pirate Bay out of search results due to DMCA notice.

Testimony of John Travolta at extortion hearing claims that paramedic threatened him during son’s death.

Violation of 30-year old ban on lead-painted toys catches Target $600,000 penalty. Meanwhile, some are considering new Barbie line racist for drawing on too many “rap-inspired details.

Expiration of two-year ban for positive cocaine test allows Martina Hingis back into the International Tennis Federation.

Former MLB player, and admitted steroid user, Chuck Knoblauch charged with assaulting common-law wife.

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