In the news . . .

Musicians use Freedom of Information Act to find out how the government is using their music.

The continued battle over net neutrality.

New music service being launched by Google, iLike and Lala partnership.

Big Brother winner Adam Jasinski uses prize money to buy and sell oxycodone pills.

ESPN analyst Steve Phillips fired for sex scandal after stalker, Brooke Hundley, harrassed family and even sixteen-year-old son by posing as classmate on Facebook.

Rapper Nas owes IRS $2.5 million in back taxes. Meanwhile, Lil Wayne to serve jail time for gun charge.

Access to federal court documents through PACER program hacked by Firefox plug-in.

Nashville police releases text messages between Steve McNair and Sahel Kazemi.

New York Mets ownership allegedly wrapped up in Bernie Madoff scandal to tune of $48 million.

NBA referee lockout ends with new collective bargaining agreement.

New Jersey Nets basketball team launches plan to rent out players for $25,000/hour.

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