In the news . . .

Federal judge sides with artist over trademark dispute with University of Alabama for highly accurate sports paintings.

More tax trouble–actor Nicholas Cage owes $6 million.

All-star pitcher busted for marijuana possession after being pulled over for speeding.

Actress Sandra Bullock and husband Jesse James fight custody battle with James’ ex-wife, and famous porn star, Janine Lindemulder.

Canadian court convicts man of Internet luring for not taking reasonable steps to check child’s age.

To keep with changing times, Disney reverts Mickey Mouse to his wiry, ornery, 1930s form.

Recap of most popular, banned iPhone apps.

Canadian judge confiscates boy’s Nintendo Wii for bad behavior. Meanwhile, China looks to abandon boot camps for Internet-addicted youths after death of 15-year-old boy.

Is AT&T’s lawsuit against Verizon for its “there’s a map for that” commercial the right approach? Coincidentally, the inventor of the cell phone, Martin Cooper, goes on record stating that phones have gotten too complex.

Gone so soon? Federal judge orders BlueBeat to stop its 25-cent sales of songs from the Beatles catalog.

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