Money, that is. It seems the Jackson clan cannot get enough of the late pop icon’s money. In papers filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court on Friday, November 6, father Joe Jackson requested an allowance from Michael’s estate. According to the documents, 80-year-old Joe’s monthly expenses are estimated at more than $15,000 but he has no income. Joe apparently suffers from diabetes and needs financial assistance for his medical bills, rent for his Las Vegas home, travel, hotel accommodations, and eating out. Consequently, he is seeking a monthly allowance in an undisclosed amount from the estate of his late son. He currently receives $1,700 a month in social security payments. The papers further reveal that over the years, Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother, gave her husband Joe money she received from Michael. Mrs. Jackson currently receives monthly allowances of $26,000 for her maintenance and $60,000 for Michael’s children. She was granted this temporary allowance pending receipt of the proceeds of his estate. Mr. Jackson’s request for an immediate hearing was denied.

The lawyer for the administrators of the estate expressed surprise at Mr. Jackson’s request but did say it would be considered. His surprise was undoubtedly shared by many others. The relationship between the father and the son, who died on June 25 of this year, was unpleasant. Michael spoke openly about the abuse he suffered at the hands of his father. Their relationship was strained and Joe was not included in Michael’s will. Furthermore, Michael requested that his mother get custody of his children and money, but neglected to mention his father.

It will certainly be interesting to see if the judge in the case considers the history between the two and how the contents of Jackson’s will might affect the decision. If his request is granted, Joe Jackson will profit from an estate that continues to grow in the wake of the singer’s death. There had been speculation surrounding the estate’s value and whether the funds were sufficient to pay all of the expenses related to the singer’s death and to maintain his children. Michael was recently added to Forbes magazine’s list of Top Earning Dead Celebrities and even surpassed Elvis. Jackson’s This is It was sold to Sony, adding $60 million to Michael’s estate. It was a number one blockbuster and grossed over $100 million and is rumored to possibly be an Oscar contender.


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