In the news . . .

Prolific spammer sent to prison for more than four years.

White House comes out in favor of net neutrality.

Michelle Obama Google bomb raises censorship questions.

Director Roman Polanski granted $4.5 million bail, but Swiss government has ten days to appeal.

Prison tweeting sends Pulp Fiction writer Roger Avary out of work furlough program and back to full-time custody.

New twist in the medical marijuana debate–should kids with ADHD be granted access?

Baseball player Sammy Sosa sued for $203,000 by businessman who, among other things, allegedly helped sell Sosa’s house and arranged for Don Omar to sing at Sosa’s 41st birthday party.

Trouble on the horizon? With no app censorship for Droid users, obscenity may be on the rise as company launches first “adult only” app store.

Believed to be first of its kind in UK, British pub owner fined $13,000 after patron unlawfully downloaded copyrighted material over pub’s Wi-Fi hotspot.

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