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Sprint providing law enforcement with subscribers GPS information.

Is Wikipedia becoming an oligarchy?

Disabled mayor prepared to bring ADA claim against Disney World for treatment over four-wheeled iBOT at Magic Kingdom. German tourist arrested at same park for making security checkpoint bomb joke.

Apple’s purchase of LaLa could be a sign that iTunes is moving to the cloud.

Openly gay Idol runner-up Adam Lambert getting no love from ABC after performance at American Music Awards. Here, too.

Ex-husband’s home video of J-Lo determined not to be of a sexual nature; J-Lo still suing for breach of contract over ex’s plan to release as part of a documentary.

Freedom of religion? Critics attack PETA for most recent nude advertisement.

Federal Reserve launches plan to warn movie-goers about risk of credit card abuse through 45-second PSA.

New reality television show involving competition amongst disabled is raising a few eyebrows.

Pfizer buys rights to “groundbreaking” Israeli technology for $115 million; will use plant cells to make protein-based drugs rather than the more unsafe animal cells.

U.S. Anti-Doping Agency reveals program to fight sale of steroids commonly distributed through legal dietary supplements. Meanwhile, the World Anti-Doping Agency releases new guidelines for monitoring athletes’ blood profiles.

Defamation lawsuit dismissed against Dixie Chicks for lack of proof of actual malice.

Damaging deposition from friend of Jon Gosselin adds twist to TLC lawsuit.

White House may not be all Michaele Salahi has crashed recently as reports surface about Washington Redskins cheerleading intrusions.

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