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New Orleans Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees weighs in on the Supreme Court’s upcoming hearing in American Needle v. NFL.

NBA Commissioner David Stern hands down indefinite suspension for the Wizards’ Gilbert Arenas amidst gun investigation. Meanwhile, one University of Tennessee player involved in drug and firearms scandal has fate with team settled.

Terrorist attacks cartoonist for depictions of the Prophet Muhammad.

Police track down drug offender by locating him in World of Warcraft.

Actress Demi Moore threatens lawsuit against Boing Boing for analysis of hip shot in W magazine.

Former NFL player Plaxico Burress’ work-release application denied by NY Department of Correctional Services.

Bloggers who posted new screening directives in wake of attempted terrorist attack face threats from TSA to reveal sources.

Pacquiao-Mayweather fight falls apart over disagreement on drug testing.

Does the FTC unfairly favor celebrities in product endorsements?

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