In the news . . .

Trademark disputes have already hit the Apple iPad.

New implants use human energy to power electronic devices.

eBook pricing dispute hits Amazon: how much is too much for a bestseller?

California “green rush” faces setback with new L.A. ordinance.

Television host Nancy Grace loses battle to ban cameras from deposition in wrongful death case.

New interactive computer game allowing teenage players to buy condoms and adopt children all in the name of “style” raises controversy in UK.

Blogger/NBA player Paul Shirley gets the boot from ESPN over Haiti remarks.

Actor Rip Torn busted for what appears to be a drunken bank robbery.

Oklahomans upset over homosexuality in new Arthur children’s book.

The potential effect of Gilbert Arenas’s gun suspension on his bulky contract with the Wizards.

Forget this: here’s a sports cause worth supporting.

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