In the news . . .

Google and NSA team up to fight cyberattacks.

Scientists discover energy teleportation.

Seventh Circuit upholds prison ban on Dungeons & Dragons against First and Fourteenth Amendment challenge.

Australian copyright holders lose ability to compel ISP assistance. Meanwhile, new Aussie law takes hack at political speech anonymity.

FBI wants ISPs to keep logs.

YouTube movie rental experiment a small success.

More news in the e-book world: Amazon faces backlash from publisher over book prices.

FDA reports large increase in amount of fines for pharmaceutical companies since beginning of Obama administration.

Superbowl and other popular sports events lead to rise in questionable auction/Craigslist listings.

NFL Players Association wins case over league preventing owners from dismantling the supplemental revenue sharing pool.

Hulu website may end free ride for popular television shows.

Prosecutors in Michael Jackson case planning to bring manslaughter charge via a preliminary hearing rather than grand jury indictment.

Popularity of “catfight” videos shows YouTube’s inability to filter out potentially illegal conduct.

Curious George and Thomas & Friends toymaker agrees to $200,000 settlement for lead paint violation.

Former wide receiver Michael Irvin accused of rape and files $100 million countersuit.

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