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For the first time since 1999, Valentine’s Day was on a Sunday, meaning that people in at least 14 states spent the loneliest of holidays with limited (or no) ability to buy alcohol–yikes. Given the religious significance attached to Sunday, many states prohibit certain activities on the day, like purchasing alcohol. For example, Georgia prohibits the sale of all alcohol on Sunday (with an exception for restaurants). And alcohol’s not the only concern of these state legislatures–in Colorado, car sales are prohibited on Sunday.

The problem with this past Sunday is that Valentine’s Day is a major holiday for the restaurant business (along with New Year’s Eve and Mother’s Day). Considering that states grant exceptions for the Super Bowl and other major Sunday events, restaurant groups are lobbying for a similar exception for V-Day. The strategy may work: a Missouri state representative recently proposed such legislation. At the same time, religious and family groups are organizing to ensure that these laws are not repealed in any way. They make a formidable team. Christian values promote rest and worship on Sunday. Meanwhile, family groups assert an anti-drunk driving argument. Both arguments are too popular to fight, so the restaurants are relying on a familiar argument: lost tax revenues. State legislators will at least listen to that concern.

Faisal Delawalla

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  1. MB says:

    We should just LET PEOPLE OF AGE BUY ALCOHOL ON SUNDAYS instead of making people drive to neighboring counties. I am sorry, but these laws are ridiculous. My parents live in one of these no-alcohol-on-Sunday counties. The solution: stock up on booze on Sat night, or drive an extra 10 mins to eat out/buy beer on Sunday. If you do your grocery shopping/other errands on Sunday, you might end up buying a lot more than beer or a meal in another county. These rules are also easy to forget. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to buy wine on Sunday, only to be reprimanded by the manager at Publix. So embarrassing. It makes me feel so stupid/angry that I don’t even like shopping there during the week. I wonder how much money the County loses each year though…hmmm…