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New iPhone app brings reward to burglars and muggers. Commentators say this and other microblogging services could lead to rise in home insurance premiums.

Young German novelist claims “intertextuality,” not plagiarism, in face of praise-turned-criticism.

Department of Justice creates intellectual property task force to combat piracy and other IP crimes.

Slim chance of success if family of late luge racer, Nodar Kumaritashvili, filed lawsuit, but potential exists.

Another criticism of the problems underlying The Biggest Loser.

International Intellectual Property Alliance calls Canada a haven for copyright violators.

Lower Merion School District in trouble with feds after activating cameras on school-loaned laptops inside students’ homes.

Proposed ACTA chapter on Internet copyright enforcement leaked to a Google group.

Challenge to economics model behind file-sharing penalty in Joel Tenenbaum case.

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