In the news . . .

U.S. Copyright Czar launches public inquiry into how Americans think copyright infringement law can be improved.

FCC regulatory plan set to be launched soon has broadband providers on the defensive.

Costs associated with Tiger press conference will go to him, not taxpayers.

The end of the Jayson Williams saga: former NBA player sentenced to five years in prison.

Singer Faith Evans sued by documentary filmmaker over home videos of the late Notorious B.I.G.

While some appeals courts have been reducing RIAA verdicts, recent 5th Circuit decision ups award against former high school cheerleader.

Summary of popular Facebook scams.

HGH testing soon making its way into professional baseball.

Battle continues between CBS and FCC over “nipplegate” at 2004 Super Bowl.

Fan seeks $25,000 from Kansas City Royals for “hot dog incident.”

Professional wrestling legend Ric Flair outmatched by wife in domestic disturbance.

As Apple admits use of child labor in production of iPhones and iPods, company produces another app likely to be misused by stalkers. Meanwhile, BarBri feeling heat from $999.99 BarMax app.

Ethical issues relating to use of sperm retrieved post-mortem.

New Nashville home of country singer John Rich accused by neighbors of violating city ordinances.

ESPN’s Tony Kornheiser suspended for sexist comments regarding co-worker Hannah Storm.

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