In the news . . .

Burberry lawsuit accuses T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s of selling mass quantities of counterfeits.

E-Trade prepares to defend against Lindsay Lohan’s “meritless” $100 million lawsuit.

Pink Floyd victory against EMI may end online sale of individual tracks.

 Scientologists battle upcoming release of German film.

Obama administration comes out in favor of arrestee DNA sampling, as well as ACTA and the RIAA/MPAA.

Google says it is 99.9% sure it will close Chinese search engine.

Cindy Crawford extortionist gets two years for theft of picture involving model’s daughter.

New Jersey hate blogger gets second mistrial in case over judicial death threats.

Netflix pulls contest over claims of privacy breach. Meanwhile, faces class action for publicizing members’ profiles.

National Broadband Plan set to launch any day.

One Response to Monday Morning JetLawg

  1. Gingie Yetter says:

    It is interesting that Lindsay Lohan is investing her energy in a lawsuit against ETrade for the use of the name “Lindsay.” While celebrities should certainly enjoy protection over the use of their image, or even their persona, a reference to a “milkaholic” baby conveniently named “Lindsay” seems too far of a stretch, particularly considering the commonality of the name. Unlike Bono or Cher, Lindsay Lohan does not have single name recognition, as the link above highlights. Even if the case is not thrown out purely on its ridiculous nature, “parody” or “satire” will most likely be shown under the factors of Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music.