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Conservative man’s tweets regarding Obama assassination would receive no First Amendment protection.

Sony signs $200 million deal with Michael Jackson’s estate for ten projects over seven years.

Rapper DMX violates probation and gets six-month jail term.

Legal and ethical controversy raised by Virginia fertility clinic’s egg giveaway.

California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board looks into requiring condoms in pornographic films.

Report from conservationists says that Internet has emerged as one of greatest threats to endangered species.

New twist in ongoing lawsuit: YouTube claims Viacom was setting it up.

Google rumored to be looking into television market. Meanwhile, study reports that it accounts for peak rates of 10 percent of all Internet traffic.

Universal Music Group set to launch test altering CD pricing structure.

California appeals court declares that cyberbullying threats are not protected speech.

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  1. Have had a lifetime of bullying myself, from the wrong end of the aggression. California is always on the legal edge these days, and if these laws were around when I was little, I would have campaigned my parents to move.

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