In the news . . .

Major Internet players and civil liberties groups form Digital Due Process coalition to update privacy laws.

As sign of what’s to come, U.S. Copyright Group launches attack on movie downloaders.

Former legislator and filmmaker sues HBO and Cinemax for giving false credit to soft-core porno.

BitTorrent search engine Isohunt ordered to remove copyright infringing material. Other Torrent site, Vertor, plays April Fools prank on antipiracy groups.

Apple iPad jailbroken after just one day on the market.

Facebook defending against XACP’s claim of patent infringement in creation of social networking site.

Borat makers and The Late Show sued for libel and slander by Palestinian leader.

Google purchases Episodic, an online video hosting platform, to enhance YouTube experience.

Artist sues Green Day for copyright and trademark infringement, unfair competition, and injury to business reputation after band allegedly stole artwork for concert backdrop.

A Fair(y) Use Tale“: Reviving a Disney video on copyright law.

Music company EMI fighting to avoid takeover by its banker, Citigroup.

Judge dismisses lawsuit against Marvel and Stan Lee that claimed creator improperly transferred rights to characters.

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