In the news…

Doctor charged in connection with Michael Jackson’s death, Conrad Murray, refuses to negotiate a plea; legal team begins developing defense strategy.

Rapper Jay-Z sues David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox over name of Dominican nightclub.

Truth in Caller ID Act of 2010 makes it a crime to manipulate Caller ID information.

FCC submits National Broadband Plan to Congress with six major goals for next decade that would benefit over 100 million U.S. home Internet connections.

Copyright holders and the RIAA seek the use of FBI agents to implement “anti-infringement” spyware that will delete infringing content from personal computers.

Chinese authorities taking heat for detainment of hundreds of citizens for purposes of forced sterilization under “one couple, one child” policy.

Artificial Intelligence and computers of the future may be modeled on the brain function patterns of cats.

Irish judge flexes copyright muscle by upholding agreement between ISPs and music industry that kicks music pirates off the Internet.

Failure to return books to New York library for 220 years racks up $300,000 in late fees for an unlikely thief – George Washington.

Apple files for patent for its new iPhone and iTunes “Concert Ticket” System.

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