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Thirty-year study underway to research link between cellphone use and negative health effects.

iPad potential taken to new heights as concert pianist performs on device at symphony hall.

Case of lost iPhone prototype may result in criminal charges.

Live Nation’s merger with Ticketmaster instills fear in the hearts of touring artists.

Actor sues the Academy for $50 million for false imprisonment claim stemming from denial of entry at Oscars.

Comedy Central accused by South Park producers of cutting fear-related speech after receiving threats from Muslim radicals.

Weight discrimination? Fox and ABC censor advertisement featuring plus-size lingerie models.

Radical Muslim groups in Somalia threaten radio stations not to play music; Somalian government says stations must close if they comply.

One commentator’s conspiracy theory behind the NFL’s protection for Ben Roethlisberger.

Supreme Court addresses privacy expectations of public employees when they text message at work.

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