In the news…

FCC gives Hollywood the green light to deactivate PCs and individual home theaters that show pirated movies.

9th Circuit will decide if First Sale Doctrine excuses eBay sales of record labels’ promotional CDs on eBay.

“Tell-All” generation rethinks privacy issues on Facebook as they enter the workforce.

Gulf coast oil rig disaster creates mountain of new work for hungry lawyers.

Hollywood may face multiple copyright infringement lawsuits for remaking older movies for international distribution.

White House Advisor John Brennan speaks candidly about potential for Internet, social networking sites to increase potential for acts of terrorism.

Composer Eric Whitacre faces interesting copyright issues as he creates world’s first virtual choir composed of 185 YouTube videos.

Two West Virginia men facing criminal charges for selling tickets to a non-existent Lady Gaga concert.

Technology rivalry escalates as Nokia sues Apple claiming applications on the iPad infringe its patents.

Fox News takes liberal view as it invokes Fair Use as a defense to copyright infringement.

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