Nokia recently added to the ever-expanding list of lawsuits filed against Apple. This newest suit extends Nokia’s previous patent infringement claims to cover Apple’s newest product, the iPad. The technology at issue is “positioning data in applications, and innovations in antenna configurations that improve performance and save space, allowing smaller and more compact devices.” Nokia is arguing that the iPad and iPhone products infringe five of its patents. Needless to say, Apple has already filed a countersuit. Upping the ante, Apple claims that Nokia is infringing on thirteen of its patents. However, this most recent legal activity is nothing new. Apple and Nokia have a bit of a rocky legal past; the companies have five pending legal actions just between the two of them, including one on hold pending an ITC decision. It is quite the technological drama, and has been escalating since October.

Unfortunately for Apple, its patent conflicts do not end with Nokia. Kodak recently filed a complaint alleging that Apple’s products violate its patents that cover a method of previewing images, and patents related to digital cameras and certain computer processes. As expected, Apple filed a countersuit. Moreover, Apple has initiated some legal battles of its own by suing the HTC Corporation of Taiwan. HTC is one of the leading producers of cell phones that run on Google’s Android software (a top competitor of the iPhone), and Apple claims that Android phones violate various iPhone patents.

As evidenced by the launch of the iPad, these numerous and increasingly hostile legal disputes seem to follow Apple’s every move. One imagines that in such a down economy, maybe the best place to find a job is on Apple’s legal team.

Kat Kubis

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