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New studies indicate that children who begin lying at an earlier age will be more successful in later life.

Hacking of personal information increases tenfold with introduction of Spokeo, a program that imports private information from social networking sites.

Viacom strikes again claiming filming the filming of a movie constitutes copyright infringement.

Ongoing smartphone patent wars more about money than destroying the competition.

Google executives admit Google’s street view cameras not only record traffic, but nab packets of information transmitted over private WiFi connections.

Impact of recent Senate Climate and Energy Bill uncertain due to growing Gulf spill.

Denver Nuggets’ coach suspended over spewing racist comments.

Tennessee federal judge tells Sam Moore his lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein’s company for violation of his trademark and publicity rights can go forward.

Warner Brothers’ files lawsuit against family claiming termination of copyright transfer for “Superman” rights.

Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan might be good for Hollywood.

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