In the news…

School in Pennsylvania gives laptops to students and uses webcams to spy on them at home.

Actor Jerry O’Connell puts law school on hold to “just play one on TV.”

Microsoft files rare patent lawsuit against CRM software company.

Five masterpieces, including work by Matisse and Picasso, stolen from Paris museum.

Dalai Lama gets around “Chinese Firewall” by using Twitter to have Q&A session with Chinese Internet users.

Sources say deleting Facebook applications will take back some user privacy.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences sues over unauthorized trademark use.

Toronto woman sues telecommunications giant Roger Wireless, Inc. for husband’s discovery of affair through cellphone bill.

Wal-Mart “Greeter” is face of the largest gender bias class action in history.

Antitrust allegations swirl as the federal government investigates Google’s recent actions and acquisitions.

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