In the news…

Scientists use brain scans to determine what makes long-term marriages last.

David Carradine’s widow files wrongful death suit against French production company.

MPAA considers whether to turn its litigious attentions to Ashton Kutcher for pirating a portion of his upcoming movie.

New patent application indicates Apple plans to release solar-powered phone.

Research suggests amid the spam and silly videos, the Internet may make you smarter.

Poker star Phil Laak break Guinness World Record for longest poker game, sitting 79 hours at the table.

E-discovery likely to be litigation nightmare for BP’s in-house legal department.

Eight months after arrest for rape, film director Roman Polanski appears to lead charmed life at home.

Good news for smokers? Pfizer lung cancer drug shows extraordinary success in early testing for those with particular gene.

Discovery of authentic mechanical shark from Jaws in Los Angeles junkyard prompts questions about ownership rights.

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