In the news…

Federal Trade Commission opens investigation into whether Apple is using its position in the market to harm competitors.

DNA introduced to bolster thirty-year old murder charges in Atlanta killings.

Vince Young facing issues off the field for misdemeanor assault and involvement in altercation in Dallas strip club.

AT&T discloses that hole in web security released private information of hundreds of thousands of iPad users.

Illinois judge sues Fox News for $7 million for losing his job after the network aired an erroneous report.

Security risks escalate as cyberterrorists use World Cup emails as a smokescreen to get users to open malicious files.

Big victory for Barry Bonds as appeals court determines evidence government says would prove he lied about steroid use is inadmissible.

Damages now question after New York Judge ruled P2P network LimeWire committed a “substantial amount of copyright infringement.”

Dead celebrities still bring in substantial income from exploitation of publicity rights, spawning lawsuits by potential heirs for the money.

Sixth Circuit finds for Victoria Secret in trademark case, holding the name “Victor’s Little Secret” constitutes infringement.

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