In the news…

Federal court finds senatorial candidate Charles DeVore’s political campaign advertisements utilizing Don Henley’s music are not Fair Use.

Congress has driven a stake through the heart of movie box office futures trading — banning the practice.

Federal Trade Commission settles with Twitter in privacy case.

Japanese court orders protesters to stay away from theaters screening “The Cove.”

Germany takes tough position against Google, demanding to know what information the company collects from users of its products.

ICANN votes to begin registering pornography sites with a .xxx web address.

Controversial “Blogfather” of Iran goes to trial to defend charges of spying for Israel.

MusicFIRST coalition rally in Washington DC shows the fight to obtain radio performance royalties still underway.

Kodak plans to curtail aggressive patent litigation as an attempt to reinvent itself.

Six manufacturers of computer memory chips will pay $173 million plus interest to settle antitrust lawsuits accusing them of price fixing.

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