In the news…

William Morris Endeavor Entertainment terminates representation contract with long-time client Mel Gibson over the actor’s recent behavior.

Documentary filmmaker turns legal spy for Texas law firm in Nicaraguan pesticide exposure case.

Food Channel Network sues Australia’s Television Food Network for trademark infringement.

After tense standoff and unprecedented rebuke, China renews Google’s Internet license.

Broadway musical composer, Jason Robert Brown, sparks candid copyright debate with infringers by personally emailing them and asking them to stop stealing.

Suits against Apple and AT&T for abuse of monopoly claims are granted class action status.

George Lucas sends cease-and-desist letter to Hong Kong company claiming new high-tech product looks to much like famed Star Wars lightsaber.

Fox tells FCC the recent indecency inquiry into the television show “American Dad” is unconstitutional.

Europe’s highest court Thursday confirmed an earlier ruling that companies using the names of their competitors as Internet advertising keywords are not infringing European trademark laws.

$7.2 billion allocated in federal spending goes to bring high-speed Internet access to rural America.

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