In the news…

ESPN Sportscaster Erin Andrews sues hotel chains over stalker’s secret in-room taping.

As Facebook users begin to pass away, the company is struggling with how to handle accounts of those who have died.

Lindsey Lohan’s father believes her new attorney, Robert Shapiro, dropped the ball by failing to file an appeal of her sentence.

Jersey Shore crew members have gone on strike before filming of the third season can begin.

Apple announces a free case for iPhone 4 users to deal with the fallout from faulty antenna issues.

WikiLeaks’ controversial whistleblower disclosures continue to grow.

BP is optimistic that its damaged oil well can stay capped after a weekend of successful tests.

Moms are beginning to find profitable niches in developing iPhone apps for kids.

Louis Oosthuizen overcomes improbable odds to win the British Open.

An unmanned solar plane has smashed the world record for continuous flight.

Mel Gibson had another bad week, with the release of several damning audio tapes and a demand for $10 million dollars from his ex-girlfriend.


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