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U.S. Patent and Trademark Office rejects Jersey Shore star Snooki’s application to trademark her nickname.

Screen Actors Guild reaches tentative settlement of the class action lawsuit accusing it of withholding millions of dollars of overseas distribution revenues from members.

Allbritton Communications seeks to throw up roadblock to stop Comcast deal to acquire controlling stake in NBC Universal.

Dell accused of withholding evidence in lawsuit over sale of faulty computers.

Manager at Apple, Inc. indicted by federal grand jury for wire fraud, money laundering, and accepting kickbacks in scheme involving iPhone and iPod accessories.

Oracle’s lawsuit against Google, claiming Android infringes patents and copyrights related to Java, could boast advantage for Microsoft.

Former employee of Playboy TV wins lawsuit and receives $200,000 judgment for sexual harassment by co-worker.

Cast member of Green Day musical, “American Idiot,” sues production company over misappropriation of her likeness and emotional distress from exploitation of her image.

German government says it will keep a close eye on Google “Street View,” allowing citizens to opt out of the mapping system.

Paris Hilton defense team says it will pull out all the stops to defend $35 million dollar “Bad Hair Day” lawsuit.

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