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“Innocent Infringer” defense under copyright law may be put to the test as P2P user appeals to the Supreme Court.

Twitter diet helps woman lose twenty-five pounds.

Judge clears Google and Yahoo Argentina of defamation charges for including sex-related web sites in the search results of an Argentine celebrity.

Swedish authorities rescind a quickly-issued warrant for the founder of WikiLeaks.

Questions of liability swirl as fact-checking and the Internet clash in a modern age.

Hulu, the company that allows users to watch television on the Internet, survives patent infringement case against Ultramercial.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. defends its $1 million donation to the Republican Governor’s Association.

Google/Verizon net neutrality arrangement prompts RIAA and other trade groups to push for copyright crackdown.

Muslim woman sues Disneyland for discrimination, stating she was repeatedly asked not to wear a headscarf in front of customers.

Hawaiian federal judge will allow video gamer to testify about severe withdrawals and emotional distress suffered due to his addiction to Lineage II game.


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