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Hallmark settles lawsuit with Paris Hilton for “That’s Hot” greeting card the celebrity claimed infringed her trademarked catch phrase and publicity rights.

District court rules films Disturbia and Rear Window not substantially similar, and grants summary judgment for Speilberg in copyright infringement suit.

Supreme Court requests response from record labels on “innocent infringer” certiori petition, indicating Court may rule on individual peer-to-peer user lawsuits.

Netflix turns seemingly blind eye to illegal use of rentals and streaming DVDs by University libraries.

FCC opens unused television airwaves for high-speed broadband wireless networks.

Lawyers for Amanda Knox, the American convicted of murder in Italy last year, intend to fight to stop production of Lifetime movie based on her life, stating final verdict has not been reached.

Volunteer watchdog group seeks to ensure big companies play by rules of open-source free software licenses.

FaceBook executives sought to influence The Social Network, which portrays CEO Mark Zuckerberg in unflattering light.

Letterman tells Joaquin Phoenix just how lawsuit might play out for last year’s publicity stunt on his late night television show.

Hard Rock Cafe chain sues franchisee for hosting “Rehab” reality show, claiming the debauchery and contestants on the series has tarnished its brand.


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