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Second Circuit rules pure music download not a “public performance” under copyright law in U.S. v. ASCAP.

New anti-piracy legislation seeks to get Google on board to stop websites that promote copyright infringement.

Death of student, Tyler Clementi, raises new issues for technology on college campuses.

Patent lawsuit aims to ban sale of celebrity hair extensions.

Senate unanimously passes bill that requires TV stations to keep commercials at same volume as programs.

William Morris Endeavor Entertainment may provide key to antitrust lawsuit against LiveNation.

Microsoft finally joins the Android lawsuit, accusing Motorola of patent infringement.

Lamenting that no one reads law review articles, law professors use comics to discuss copyright issues.

NCAA reviews the eligibility status of Kentucky freshman center Enes Kanter, seeking to enforce rules regarding what constitutes an “amateur.”

Senate takes nod from Supreme Court, wasting no time in passing new “Crush Video” law.


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  1. It always amazes me how much attention
    celebrities can create. Be it on hair
    extensions or any other product they
    wear or promote, clever marketing maybe!

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