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Film companies threaten copyright infringement lawsuits against PETA over the animal rights group’s repeated unauthorized use of film clips in their advertising campaigns.

British judge refuses to dismiss plagiarism lawsuit against J.K. Rowling, stating plaintiff claiming Rowling stole ideas for “Harry Potter” from obscure fantasy book deserves day in court.

Texas woman sues A&E for identifying her as a prostitute and potential murder suspect in the show, “The First 48.”

Broadway star, Marty Thomas, sues to force Twitter to reveal identity of an individual who claimed via tweet that the star had a sexually transmitted disease.

Nickelodeon digs in heels in dispute with voice of “Dora the Explorer,” despite threatening letters from her attorney.

Former Jimi Hendrix bandmate sues RCA records and Martin Scorsese over rare Hendrix song “Georgia Blues.”

Twitter circumvents judicial ban on live recording in murder trial of Petit family, detailing every word of survivor Dr. Petit’s testimony.

Canadian court overturns federal patent commissioner, ruling Amazon can patent its “one-click” order process for online shopping.

Widow of Steve McNair wins request to unfreeze a portion of the late NFL star’s estate, taking $2.5 million.

Legal minds attempt to tackle problem of Nigerian “419” email scamming and cybercrime.


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