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Canadian FCC slams DJ and radio station for implying Justin Bieber is gay.

Major networks block web programs from being viewed on Google TV.

Piracy domain seizure bill allowing government to blacklist piracy websites makes major strides in Congress.

Argument over whether publicity rights threaten free speech heats up.

Mother who had YouTube video removed of her baby dancing to Prince has asked court to find Universal violated the law. refuses to give Erin Andrews her privacy, taunting the sportscaster and posting nude images online.

The European Union Court of Justice has struck down a Spanish law that imposed a small tax on digital media, including CDs and DVDs.

Online advertisers can glean personal information of users from Facebook.

Food Network settles lawsuit for trademark infringement and breach of contract against famous Hollywood chef.

Bill that would allow more low-power FM radio stations to enter the market is blocked in the Senate, despite strong support.


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