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After decades of litigation, legal battle over Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window ignites with new fervor.

Fox faces copyright infringement lawsuit over new reality show, My Parents Are Gonna Love You.

‘Real Housewife’, Danielle Staub, gets tricked then treated to litigation by ex-boyfriend who served her with defamation lawsuit at Halloween party.

After shutdown of peer-to-peer service, LimeWire still faces RIAA in trial to assess damages.

Father of the late Michael Jackson loses legal battle in control for pop star’s estate.

Hope springs eternal as studies show Netflix poses serious challenge to BitTorrent activity online.

Lawsuit against Girls Gone Wild turns into free speech debate about identities of women in videos.

Federal Judge orders Internet service provider to provide names of nearly 3,000 individuals who pirated copies of film Cornered!

All-powerful Oprah Winfrey sued for plagiarism by author of political booklet, How American Elects Her Presidents.

Trademark war erupts over Oscar contender, The Illusionist.


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