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Rolling Stone dodges publicity rights lawsuit for placing famous pictures of artists on t-shirts and other merchandise.

Britain moves to revise intellectual property laws to conform to the Internet age.

Rock band, Creed, sues Yamaha Motor Corporation to stop exploitation of hit “Higher” in advertising campaign.

After third jury trial in Thomas-Rasset unlawful downloading case, jury returns verdict of $1.5 million in statutory damages.

Pro-piracy hacking group, Operation Payback, targets website of U.S. Copyright Office, bring site to a crawl.

Future of net neutrality unclear as midterm voters oust all ninety-five Democrats who signed net neutrality pledge.

Copyright law ruins Halloween, preventing students from showing Rocky Horror Picture Show.

New anti-piracy technology in cinema seeks to both detect piracy and measure emotional reaction of viewers for marketing purposes.

United States Trademark and Patent Office decides that famous James Bond gun is “distinctive” under trademark law.

Hollywood practice of orally-made management contracts has teeth as California court allows Lisa Kudrow’s manager to pursue case against her for breach.


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