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Madonna faces trademark infringement lawsuit by company claiming priority to “Material Girl” used with personal care products.

San Diego Judge resigns from bench due to allegations she taped courtroom discussions in hopeful bid for reality television show.

Class action filed against publisher of Rolling Stone for alleged violations of Telephone Consumer Protection Act stemming from mass text messages to consumers offering subscriptions.

Nintendo files for trademark protection for catchphrase, “It’s on like Donkey Kong!

Paparazzi agency sues for massive copyright infringement of celebrity photos, seeking $7.8 million in damages.

Although shut down by judicial action less than a month ago, Limewire is back and better than ever.

FBI steps in to investigate online hacking group that struck at various anti-piracy and entertainment websites this month.

Court hearing on TiVo’s patent may be last chance for success.

Brett Favre’s texting controversy heats up as women meets with NFL Commissioner.

TMZ founder Harvey Levin talks with Chicago law students about the limits of celebrity privacy intrusion.


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