Colton Harris-Moore, better known as the “Barefoot Bandit,” will be arraigned tomorrow, November 18, after being indicted on November 10. Harris-Moore gained notoriety in July when news sources caught wind of his wild exploits and regaled the American public with his tales.

Harris-Moore left this photo on a stolen digital camera found in a stolen Mercedes.

Harris-Moore left this photo on a stolen digital camera found in a stolen Mercedes.

To review, prior to his July 11 arrest in the Bahamas, Harris-Moore, 19, had been living on the lamb for over two years, since he escaped from a Washington state juvenile halfway home in April 2008. Harris-Moore earned his stay in the juvenile program after his arrest in 2007 on three counts of burglary. Harris-Moore had been victimizing residences on the rural Camano Island, WA, often barefoot, which is how he earned his nickname. Harris-Moore was found living in one such residence while the owner was away. He was caught after ordering a pizza to be delivered to his vacation home.

According to his indictment, since his breakout, the Bandit allegedly stole a pistol in Canada, stole a small Cessna aircraft in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, and flew the plane to Granite Falls, WA without having a pilot’s license. Harris-Moore then allegedly jetted around the islands of northwest Washington in a stolen plane, again without a license. Then the Bandit allegedly stole a 34-foot boat and set sail from Washington to Oregon.

The adventures finally came to an end July 10, 2010, when authorities caught Harris-Moore in the Bahamas, a week after a crash landing off the islands ended his flight from Indiana in a stolen plane.

While JETLaw strongly advocates full adherence to the law, the tales of Harris-Moore’s exploits make a fascinating story, not unlike the 2002 blockbuster Catch Me If You Can. The entertainment industry agrees. Harris-Moore’s mother has hired a Seattle entertainment lawyer, who has previously represented Courtney Love and the Jimi Hendrix family. Twentieth Century Fox is rumored to have purchased the movie rights.

— Joe Cesta

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