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LiveNation sues former CEO for $5 million over dispute involving contract and use of 360 Deals.

Famous Hollywood Boulevard Superheros back on the street after federal judge rules First Amendment protects their activity.

Senate approves legislation that allows domain-name seizure for websites pirating copyrighted material.

Last week’s reference to the hacker-revived LimeWire service prompts renewed fury by RIAA, resulting in demand website be shut down for good.

Patent lawsuit targets nearly every major Hollywood studio, alleging violation of a method of assembling content accessible video.

Ray Charles Estate sues son of the famous musician for copyright infringement related to photo published in the son’s new book.

Technology’s negative impact on our attention span comes under fire as largely unfounded.

After years of question and anticipation, a small band fro Liverpool makes its way to iTunes.

Judge takes “bottom-shelf, paper bag” approach to porn piracy case documents involving nearly ten thousand anonymous defendants.

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